Instagram Bought By Facebook: Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger Hit The Real Mega Number

Instagram Mark ZuckerbergFacebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg has just stacked a big pile of dough on the desks of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Chances are you’ve never even heard of the 2 names just mentioned to you — and why would you? They’re the co-founders of one of many 15-month old startup companies. Perhaps the name Instagram rings a bell (you know… those yellow-orange photos your friends post on their FB walls).

27-year old Zuckerberg certainly knows these 2 names very well. In fact, 8 years ago the Facebook co-founder had asked Kevin Systrom to join the infant social networking site and got shot down.

Fast-forward to today. This time around, Zuckerberg made them a slightly different offer which they couldn’t refuse. On his own FB page, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook has agreed to buy Instagram.

The Instagram price tag

If a picture is worth 1000 words, apparently an Instagram company is worth 1000 millions. Mark Zuckerberg’s bill for the photo-sharing app startup: $1 billion in cash and stock of course.

Here’s what Mark Zuckerberg shared:

Instagram Founders“I’m excited to share the news that we’ve agreed to acquire Instagram and that their talented team will be joining Facebook.

For years, we’ve focused on building the best experience for sharing photos with your friends and family. Now, we’ll be able to work even more closely with the Instagram team to also offer the best experiences for sharing beautiful mobile photos with people based on your interests.

We believe these are different experiences that complement each other. But in order to do this well, we need to be mindful about keeping and building on Instagram’s strengths and features rather than just trying to integrate everything into Facebook.

That’s why we’re committed to building and growing Instagram independently. Millions Read more

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Twitter & American Express Chirp Together To Small Businesses

Twitter American ExpressTwitter recently partnered with American Express to launch Promoted Products for small businesses. The specific advertising program which includes Twitter’s Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets is currently aimed at getting Amex Cardmembers and merchants signed up and going. The program’s first run is limited to Amex only for now, but you can expect this to ultimately open up wide to everyone after the folks at Twitter have had the chance to fine-tune it.

As part of the aggressive initiative, the financial services conglomerate is even giving $100 in free Twitter advertising to 10,000 of its business customers that register first for the small business advertising program.

Old gladiator learns to chirp like a new bird

Most people would agree that pushing through changing economies and staying on top of any industry generation after generation takes leadership, ingenuity, resilience, courage and vision. But most importantly, companies must have the Read more

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Google’s Project Glass: Experience Augmented Reality Through This Video

Google Project GlassThe myth just became reality — augmented reality, that is. Google just peeled the wrappers off its latest project and it’s definitely an eye-opener in more ways than one. The project, started by a team within the Google[x] group and dubbed ‘Project Glass’ now provides the world with a glimpse of the technology of augmented reality glasses. Through the eyes of a clever video officially released by Google Wednesday morning, the world is now able to experience how wearing a pair of these smart glasses would feel like.

Simply titled ‘One Day,’ the concept video takes us through a normal day through the lens of the Project Glass headgear which looks like something Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge would wear on Star Trek aboard the USS Enterprise-D.

Think you would wear them one day?

Perhaps, we all will have to when smartphones and tablet devices are no longer sold anywhere...

Google Project Glass Google X Labs Augmented Reality Glasses Google One Day Video Google Virtual Reality Glasses

The video below demonstrates how everyday Read more

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Latest Scam On Facebook: [Video] – Look what this girl is wearing at the beach in front of thousands of people!

Scams On Facebook UPDATE 4/24/12: We have received multiple reports from our readers that there is now a new variation of the title the scammers are using for their fake links. The variation reads, “Look what this girl wore to the beach!”

Desperate scammers are once again attempting to exploit the curiosity of Facebook users and their friends and family. This time it’s a fake racy video of a girl in a skimpy pink bikini. We hate to rain on everyone’s parade, but there’s no video.

In short, if this happens to show up when you’re scrolling through your friends’ Facebook updates, don’t click it, don’t Like it, and don’t Share it.

How to spot it, and what it says:

[Video] – Look what this girl is wearing at the beach in front of thousands of people!

[Video] – Look what this girl is wearing at the beach in front of thousands of people!


Do not click it. Tell your Facebook friends to Read more

Evolve Media Partners With PMC

Evolve Media CorpEvolve Media Corp and PMC (Penske Media Corp) have just sealed an exclusive online ad deal. This new global partnership between the 2 digital media companies is expected to bring numerous benefits that will surely produce smiles on both sides of the agreement.

PMC’s streak of partnership deals continues with strong momentum. Now in addition to its pact with ION Television, and more recently with YouTube to launch a new original content channel, the Los Angeles based company is marching side by side with Evolve. This joining of the forces will further expand PMC’s ad ops (online advertising operations) into Canada, the UK, and Australia. Though still a young company, its empire is now growing into one on which the sun never sets.

Evolve will be representing the online ad inventory for 5 of Penske’s largest online destinations — sites which are comprised of breaking entertainment news and original lifestyle content. Needless to say, rep’ping these globally-recognized sites will continue to strengthen Evolve Media’s entertainment offering. According to January 2012 comScore (an industry-standard online audience measurement company) reports, the online property quint brought in a combined 731,000 monthly unique visitors in Canada alone.

Gorilla Nation totallyherGorilla Nation, an operating vertical of Evolve Media Corp will represent the online ad inventory for PMC’s,,, and while the female lifestyle vertical of Gorilla Nation, totallyher will represent The splintering of representation for the 5 PMC websites between the Gorilla Nation and totallyher is based on content type, audience demographics, and affinity.

“With their news-breaking content and vast loyal readership, they’re the perfect sites to add to our verticals,” said Walder Amaya, SVP of Canadian and International Operations for Evolve Media Corp.

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