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Tribes By Seth Godin – Free: Via Special Download Link

Are you the next Tarzan? When we think of the word “tribes”, we automatically picture groups of indigenous people, and a chieftain who leads each separate group. But what is a tribe really? By dictionary definition, a tribe refers to… a group of people who are all doing the same thing or who all behave […]Read more

Connecting Squidoo to Facebook Page – Explained

Squidoo Connect, or Squidoo Disconnect? Hands down, creating useful Squidoo lens pages is one of the best ways to attract an audience to read about your chosen topic as well as drive traffic to your own website. But if you’ve been scouring the Internet trying to learn more on connecting Squidoo to Facebook using Squidoo […]Read more

212: The Extra Degree Which Internet Entrepreneurs Must Rise To

Fellow Internet entrepreneurs, let’s take a stroll down memory lane for a minute. Think back to the time when you were 10 years old. Remember sprinting down the grass field with your best friends? As you got closer to the finish line, as fatigued as your legs were already, you managed to exert this sudden […]Read more

How to Add the Vimeo WordPress Plugin to Engage Your Visitors

As many folks are aware already, adding videos to your website adds vitality to the overall user experience by engaging the visitor. And, if you’ve installed WordPress on your server to build your website, embedding Vimeo videos is really a breeze, especially with the Vimeo Sidebar Widget plugin by Denzel Chia. Today, I’ll be showing […]Read more

Your Existing Keywords and Market Share

The SEO Battlefield: How Do You Really Stack Up? From time to time, new clients are pleasantly surprised when I show them profitable keyword phrases that they had no clue their website was ranking for in the search engines. This isn’t magic, folks. Too often, businesses have published great SEO content without ever realizing what […]Read more

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