Google’s Project Glass: Experience Augmented Reality Through This Video

Google Project GlassThe myth just became reality — augmented reality, that is. Google just peeled the wrappers off its latest project and it’s definitely an eye-opener in more ways than one. The project, started by a team within the Google[x] group and dubbed ‘’ now provides the world with a glimpse of the technology of augmented reality glasses. Through the eyes of a clever video officially released by Google Wednesday morning, the world is now able to experience how wearing a pair of these smart glasses would feel like.

Simply titled ‘One Day,’ the concept video takes us through a normal day through the lens of the Project Glass headgear which looks like something Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge would wear on Star Trek aboard the USS Enterprise-D.

Think you would wear them one day?

Perhaps, we all will have to when smartphones and tablet devices are no longer sold anywhere...

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The video below demonstrates how everyday tasks such as dialing and receiving phone calls, checking the weather, getting directions to a restaurant, scheduling appointments and even initiating video calls would all be accomplished with these futuristic goggles according to the team.

‘Try’ on a pair for size now by taking the ‘One Day’ video tour here:

Personally, I like Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge’s look better still. But that’s just me.

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