212: The Extra Degree Which Internet Entrepreneurs Must Rise To

Fellow Internet entrepreneurs, let’s take a stroll down memory lane for a minute. Think back to the time when you were 10 years old. Remember sprinting down the grass field with your best friends? As you got closer to the finish line, as fatigued as your legs were already, you managed to exert this sudden force of energy squeezing out a last moment thrust which just boosted you forward. Whether you finished first or not, there’s no doubt that it got you much further than you would have without it.

You were 10 years old, and you unknowingly applied the extra degree without ever learning it from a blog. Why is it, that this must be relearned today as an adult?

Your Comfort and Fear: Virtues or Vices?

In life, we grow up and we are conditioned by our environment. Before we even realize it, we have already submitted to the virtues of comfort and fear. Or are they in fact, vices? Naturally as humans, we seek comfort, and avoid fear. But as in all things in life, there is a downside to this. We end up accepting mediocrity in the things we do. That’s great… if you’re retired.

I’ll be as blunt about this as I possibly can. There hasn’t been any Internet entrepreneur that has seen success by simply being mediocre in what they do. 97% of people give up on whatever it is they’re doing before ever succeeding. That’s a stunning number. The remaining 3% kick comfort and fear to the sidelines and make a conscious decision to put in the extra degree during the most critical moments. They instead charge forward at the same point where others decide to give up. All too often, the 3% succeed shortly after. Surprising? Hardly.

You’re much closer than you think…

Here’s a final thought for you. Whether you’re already an Internet entrepreneur (or aspiring to be one), I’m guessing that your biggest incentive is its great monetary rewards. Let there be no mistake. You will face some challenges the same way you will in anything you decide to embark on. It’s easy to give up when most others do. But Internet entrepreneurs know that it’s even much easier to charge it up one extra degree. Believe me, you are closer to your goal than you think.

At the end of every day, there will be many Internet entrepreneurs who will give up before the finish line without ever realizing it was just right there at arm’s reach. While at the same time, there will be a few who will be tasting the rewards of success. Which side have you decided you’re going to be on?

So remember, the next time you’re feeling like dropping the ball, that’s actually when you must not. Instead, bump up your effort to 212 degrees — because it’s the extra degree that will bring you home.

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