Connecting Squidoo to Facebook Page – Explained

Squidoo Connect

Squidoo Connect, or Squidoo Disconnect?

Hands down, creating useful Squidoo lens pages is one of the best ways to attract an audience to read about your chosen topic as well as drive traffic to your own website. But if you’ve been scouring the Internet trying to learn more on connecting Squidoo to Facebook using Squidoo Connect, chances are, you’re more confused now than you were before.

Can’t find Squidoo Connect?

As you may have discovered already on your own, as of the date of this writing, when you log on to your Squidoo Dashboard, under My Profile > Social Application Settings, the options for connecting to Facebook are simply not there anymore.

Adding the Squidoo Connect application on to your Facebook page isn’t that much help either since it appears to be glitchy recently. I feel your pain. But don’t despair. There’s still a way of linking Squidoo to Facebook.

Do this…

You can start connecting Squidoo to your Facebook page by simply sending Squidcasts. In this video, follow as she eloquently walks you step-by-step through the easy process of sending a Squidcast…

Connecting Squidoo to Facebook Page:

  1. Log on to your Squidoo Dashboard as usual
  2. Go to My Lenses tab
  3. In the list, hover your mouse pointer over a lens title, and a menu of links will appear
  4. Click on the Cast link
  5. Click on Squidcast Settings, on the right-side, and follow the steps there to Connect to Facebook, then Save
  6. Write your Squidcast
  7. Make sure the Post to Facebook checkbox is selected, and Submit
  8. Now go to your Facebook page and see your Squidcast on your wall

Squidoo is an indispensable tool for any Internet entrepreneur who is serious about exposure and social media marketing. By linking Squidoo to Facebook via Squidcasts, you can now leverage the distribution channel of Facebook to further increase that exposure.

There you have it folks.

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