WordPress Translator Plugin = Less Bounces

You land on a web page and you suddenly realize it’s in a language you can’t read, what do you do? You hit the back button that’s what! I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but chances are, your international visitors are doing exactly the same.

In website traffic analysis, this type of action by the visitor is known as a bounce. Basically, a bounce is when your website visitor only views a single page on your website, and leaves, rather than continue on to other pages within your site. That’s… well, not good.

Translating Your Way to More Page Views?

What if your visitor had the option to translate the page into a language they understood? Now I can’t promise you that giving your international visitors this translation option would eliminate these types of bounces completely. But it would sure decrease your existing bounce rate. At the end of that day, that translates to more page views, and more repeat visits that you would have otherwise already lost ever.

Here’s How to Show Your Website in 52 Different Languages

In today’s episode, you’re going to learn how tear down the language barrier. If you’ve installed WordPress on your server to build your website, you can literally have 52 different language versions of your site in about 3 minutes. I’ve tested many translator plugins, and so far the best WordPress translator plugin in my opinion is the Google AJAX Translation plugin. And of course, the plugin is 100% free. It’s also ridiculously easy to install, to save your settings, and to apply to all your blog posts and pages.

See below to learn how to add this WordPress translator plugin…

Screenshot of all the languages:

Google AJAX Translation Plugin

This beautiful WordPress translator plugin cleverly uses AJAX technology, so your visitors will never have to leave the page they are viewing to read the translated version. The visitor are yours. You keep your visitors.

Adding the Google AJAX Translation plugin (3 minutes):

Log on to your WordPress admin

  1. Click on Plugins > Installed, on your left-side navigation
  2. Click on the Add New button, at the top
  3. In the Search Plugins box, enter and search for: Google AJAX Translation
  4. Find Google AJAX Translation, and click Install, then Activate it
  5. Click on Settings > Google Translation, on your left-side navigation
  6. Choose your preferred settings, select your languages by marking the checkboxes, then Save Changes

That’s it… You’re done! Your visitors will start noticing a [Translate] link at the top or bottom of each of your blog posts or pages (depending on the link position setting you chose earlier).

Manual Method:

The above shows the easiest way to add this WordPress translator plugin by using your WordPress admin. If, for whatever reason you need to do it manually via your server, simply go to the Google AJAX Translation plugin home page, and follow the instructions they’ve included.

Now go and enjoy your additional page views every month from the international community!

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